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3 Week Tech Accelerator Program in San Francisco


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Listen to the stories of those who succeeded and how they did it. No where else in the world is more than $10 billion annually invested in startups.

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Expand your global professional contacts by meeting entrepreneurs, investors, marketing gurus, leadership experts, programmers and mentors.

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Experience the synchronicity of the Bay Area. Jump into your entrepreneurial journey and become part of this international community!


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Our Team

Tiffany Joy Basse
Tiffany Joy Basse is an Impact Investor, serial Bay Area tech entrepreneur, and Business 3.0 Consultant for early-stage tech startups. As the Managing Director and Co-Founder of the impact venture fund OM Fund, advising Astia companies, coaching Sebrae companies, and her own accelerators FloripaTech, StartupGO, and StartupTV, she has helped over 100 startups. In her recent studies (Wharton, MIT), she has focused on the metaverse economy, AR/VR, and business uses for AI.
Virgínia Rodrigues
Virgínia Rodrigues is a native Brazilian entrepreneur, StartupTV Host and marketing guru. She speaks five languages and has been immersed in the global technology startup scene with four global tech startups. She served as a presentation coach for FloripaTech in Brazil and helps prepare entrepreneurs to pitch to investors and the media. She also has a qualitative marketing research lab for startups.
Hans Bukow
Hans Bukow is an engineer who raised $30M to found two successful software companies. Fastech was sold to Applied Materials and eWork went public in the EU market at $100M valuation. He also helped orchestrate a $40M AOL acquisition of gaming company the Imagination Network. Hans is mentor and judge for Astia, Startup Chile, Latam Challenge, Startup Weekend, Startup Farm Brazil and Acceleratech.

Premium Services

One-minute Pitch Video
Having a professionally produced business plan pitch is the secret to successful fundraising.
Long-term Business Advisors
Need a business coach that understands the special challenges of building a startup?
Valuation Analysis
We can help you evaluate the potential merits of your company or your investment!
Market Research
Need to gather and analyze relevant data about your market or go through customer discovery?


StartupGO is partnered with StartupTV in the production of educational content from Silicon Valley experts. Together we spent 3 months full time interviewing 120 of the top movers and shakers in the San Francisco Bay Area and asked them to give us startup advice we could share with you and the world. The in depth interviews have never been seen anywhere else. This unique and engaging contact will help you gain insights into the cradle of startup civilization and learn how to make and raise your own booming startup baby.

Whew! If that wasn't enough of an all-star lineup for you, we have well over a hundred OTHER investors, accelerator founders, advisors, startup mentors, successful entrepreneurs and talented people who support the startup ecosystem. Never before have such an incredible group of startups experts been compiled together in one program. This is something you definitely don't want to miss so apply to the StartupGo Program TODAY!

View just a small SAMPLE of our videos by clicking on the topics below. You can watch the brief 2-3 minute videos on StartupTV for free and only through StartupGO's unique startup accelerator program will you be able to see the 20-30 minute versions which contain some of the most current and valuable advice for entrepreneurs today.


  • "To breathe in the vibrant and innovative energy of San Francisco through the StartupGO beta program was one of the most remarkable experiences of my life and opened my mind towards entrepreneur possibilities I would have never considered before. My creative ideas for my business are now at a new level."

    - Cristiano Rocha, co-founder at SocialUp, Florianópolis, Brazil -
  • "The co-living / co-working space and mentoring from StartupGO Hans Bukow and Tiffany Bass Bukow were key to understanding the magic of the Bay Area and the startup ecosystem. The experience went far beyond accelerating my venture, it accelerated and improved my way of being not only as an entrepreneur but as a human being."

    - Leandro Oliveira, co-founder at SocialUp, Florianópolis, Brazil -
  • "After just three weeks in the incredible StartupGO program, the famous Silicon Valley was demystified and I felt empowered and alive with vibrant energy and thrilled to be invited as the co-founding Brazilian program partner for StartupGO and StartupTV. My life will never be the same again and I feel my possibilities for success are endless!"

    - Virgínia Rodrigues, Host and Producer of StartupTV, Porto Alegre, Brazil -
  • "The acceleration program was one of the best experiences I've ever had. Besides the excellent mentoring, experiencing Silicon Valley's reality made me break my personal paradigms that were holding me back. I overcame my fears and jumped boldly into pursuing my dreams as an entrepreneur and my company thrived as a result."

    - Matheus Anversa, co-founder at SocialUp, Florianópolis, Brazil -
  • "Traveling to the San Francisco Bay was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The unique StartupGO learning and living environment allowed me to grow as a person and as an entrepreneur. The positive changes and improvements in my business are partly the result of my immersive experience there. I highly recommend it! "

    - Deb Xavier, founder at Jogo de Damas, Porto Alegre, Brazil -


If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on. - Sheryl Sandberg

If you are an individual interested in joining one of our small group programs, you can apply to StartupGO now and you might just have the opportunity to rocket your business to success! Fill out our form with your pitch deck and a general description of your business idea and your team. Are you a solo entrepreneur willing to discover if your idea has potential? Apply as well! We will be in touch shortly to discuss more details with you.



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